Liricí AmhránSong Lyrics

Donald's in the White House

Written by Peggy Seeger

As recorded by Peggy Seeger on First Time Ever: Songs from A Memoir

Donald's in the White House
With his bag of tricks
Donald's in the White House
With his bunch of
Pretty dire wheeler-dealers
At his beck and call
That they may all be "dangerous"
Is just a lot of
Balderdash and nonsense
What Donald doesn't want
Is getting buddy-buddy
With every freaking country that is Muslim
Or just down on its luck
If anyone gets in his way
He'll tell them all to—
[spoken] Funny how we thought
That he was going to lose
But now he's
[sung] In the White House
It's clear he's going to
Screw the people, screw the climate,
Screw the Earth and then
Make the world a safer place
For Yankee businessmen!