Liricí AmhránSong Lyrics

You and I

Written by Ewan MacColl

As recorded by Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger

You and I have feasted on
The golden apples of the sun,
And sailed on wild, uncharted seas
When day was done.
Between two heartbeats we have known
A long eternity of joy;
We've soared above the fields of space,
The stars, our toys.
I give my heart and gain my soul,
I'm only free when I am bound.
Within the shelter of your arms
I'm lost - and found.
You and I have drunk the moon
And time nor death cannot subdue
The part of you that lives in me,
And me in you.
That part of me in you will see
The kestrel quartering the sky,
The endless play of night and day
Caught in your eyes.
That part of you in me will serve
To ease the breaking of my heart,
And guide me safely through the night
When we must part.