Liricí AmhránSong Lyrics

Nox Aurumque

Written by Charles Anthony Silvestri

Music by Eric Whitacre

Latin English
Aurum, Gold,
Infuscatum et obscurum, Tarnished and dark,
Canens noctis, Singing of night,
Canens mortis, Singing of death,
Acquiescens canendo… Singing itself to sleep.
Et angelum somnit aurorarum et bellorum, And an angel dreams of sunrise, and war.
Saeculorum aurorum fundit lacrimas, Tears of the ages.
Lacrimas rerum bellorum. Tears of war.
O arma! O shield!
O lamina aurata! O gilded blade!
Gestu graves nimium, You are too heavy to carry,
Graves nimium volatu. Too heavy for flight.
Aurum, Gold,
Infuscatum et torpidum Tarnished and weary,
Suscita! Awaken!
Dilabere ex armis in alam! Melt from weapon to wing!
Volemus iterum, Let us soar again,
Alte supra murum; High above this wall;
Angeli renascentes et exultantes as alas Angels reborn and rejoicing with wings made
Aurararum, Of dawn,
Aurorum, Of gold,
Somniorum. Of dream.
Aurum, Gold,
Canens alarum, Singing of wings,
Canens umbrarum. Singing of shadows.