Liricí AmhránSong Lyrics

Máire Mhilis Bhrea


Arranged by Séamus Egan

As recorded by Solas on Another Day

Irish English
A Mhaire mhilis bhrea O fine sweet Mary
Do dh'fhuig an saighead seo im' lar Since this arrow went into me
Ni leigheasfar in Oilean na Fodhla It won't be cured in Ireland
S do bhearfainn dar mo lamh And I would swear by my hand??
Da bhfaighfea fein mo chas If you saw the state I'm in
Na ligfear me i mbas gan foirthint I would not be left in death without (??)
Ni chaithim unsa bidh I don't eat a morsel of food
Ni chodlaim neal o luim I don't sleep a wink
Ni tapa ionam na bri na scail bheag I feel listless and have low energy levels
Mara bhfaighfidh me uair no scith If I don't find any time for rest
Le dianghra lar mo chroi With the true love of my heart
Ni mhairfidh me beo mi na raithe I won't live a month or three.
Nil fios a leigheas mo chra There is no known cure for my torment
Ag aoinne beo le failt That anyone can provide
Ach amhain ag an mnaoi seo do bhreoigh me But the woman who made me unwell
Nil me leighes ar mhuir na tra my cure is not on sea or land
Nil mo leigheas ar luibh na lamha No herb or hand can cure me
Nil mo leigheas ach ag blath na hoige My only cure is the bloom of youth
Ni dh'aithnim lon thar chuach I can't tell a black bird from a cuckoo
Ni dh'aithnim teas thar fuacht I can't tell hot from cold
Ni dh'aithnim aon uair mo chairde I don't recognise my friends
Ni dh'aithnim oiche thar la I can't tell night from day
Ach dh'aithneodh mo chroi mo ghra But I would recognise my love, my heart,
Da dtagadh si i dtrath agus foirthint If she happened by
A Mhaire is tu mo ghra Mary, you are my love
A ghra mo chroi do chra Love of my heart and my torment
Gra sin gan donas gan aon eislinn A love without harm
Gra o aois go bas Love from age to death
Gra o bhaois go fas Love from age to death
Gra a chuirfeadh go dluth fe cheim me A love that would really fix me up
Gra gan suil le saol ....
Gra gan tnuth le spre A love not hoping for a dowry
Gra do d'fhag me craite i ndaorbhroid A love that's left me really messed up
Gra mo chroi thar mhnaibh Love of my heart above all women
Is a shamhail suid de ghra And a love like this
Is annamh e le failt ag aon fhear Is rare to find for any man
Foir a chumainn dean Help me, my love
Is tabhair 'om phog od bheil And give me a kiss from your mouth
Is tog anois chugat fein on mbas me And rake me away from death
No ordaigh leaba chaol Or order a narrow bed
I gcomhra chluthair deil ...
I bhfogas don daol 's da chairde ...
Ni beo mo bheo acht eag I'm going to die
Ni glor mo ghlor ach gaoth My voice is not a voice but wind
Nil snua orm saol na slainte I'm done for
Ach go deorach bronach treith ??
Gan cheol gan sport gan reim With no happiness at all
I ndaorbhroid 's i bpein le gra dhu In pain for love of you